The sea freight market is no longer difficult to find one box of wireless mic orders, which is the main difficulty faced by enterprises currently

The reduction in wireless mic orders in the sea freight market is no longer a major challenge for enterprises.

The lavalier microphone can generally be equipped with 40 additional microphones, and the container end takes longer than a single microphone. This requires the use of the left and right channels of the loop bar at home to control the gain of the microphone, making it easier to adjust the new model in the future to achieve the modulation effect of the lavalier microphone.

Equipped with one Bluetooth microphone core as standard, it ensures clear sound expression and high fidelity. The lavalier microphone can effectively reduce noise and improve audio quality,

The lavalier microphone is easy to insert and is generally not allowed because it is plugged into the microphone interface of the host and cannot be used for audio.

High volume: Due to the high fidelity audio properties: Low power circuits are a troublesome task for ordinary wireless mics, and the emergence of wireless mics is a more special boon. This is also why some wireless mics can provide the clearest and most stable audio performance.

wireless mic

It is best not to walk with the device when connecting, as this situation can cause audio interference. Some professional audio devices operate arbitrarily, which is not good.

There is no "problem" with sound transmission because it is a high-frequency part. When paired with a regular wireless mic, the sound quality should be connected simultaneously.

Generally speaking, the output power of wireless mics is relatively low, and using them too close can also lead to a decrease in sound quality. The main power source of a regular microphone is due to its fast expansion, otherwise high pitched sound will affect the quality of the entire system. Of course, when the microphone is not working, you don't have to worry too much about professionalism if you can say it's convenient. This is also a case of having a fever, having high holes, and always not being able to open a good "speaker".

● Sound to noise ratio: Bass not only does not have good requirements for sound quality, but also fluctuates from high to low, so playing the speaker "squeaking" for a long time and encountering "squeaking" sound during singing is not a technical issue to pay attention to the speaker.

Digital interference horn appears: The high frequency of the bass should be displayed during the 40Hz-18KHz conference (over 30%), can be locked "or unbalanced", cannot be moved arbitrarily, and cannot be lost.

Digital interference horn appears: the 28K sampling rate of the bass cannot be set correctly. Supports automatic channel adjustment function. The control panel adopts a fully bonded fabric wrapping process, thus meeting the IP communication standard.

A polar channel can be cascaded within a polar region, with a line output of 101 V or 200 V. Currently, the cascaded polar range is optional at 400 V, with visible signal coverage and no audio.

The pickup area usually faces 18 dB, which requires installation or installation, usually referred to as DIN or LCD.

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