The most technologically advanced wireless karaoke microphone factory

The best wireless karaoke microphone factory with the best technology, with a 5V12V indicator light circle inside the microphone, which can flexibly move and adapt to various WT2003TM, WM6, EBS cardioid, supercardioid, waterproof and other series products. It can also be paired with headphones, waist pack transmitter, and handheld wireless mic style.

Equipped with integrated alarm signals, it can trigger computer operations and quickly and effectively complete alarm settings.

The built-in alarm signal can be processed into situations where the police program can no longer be evaluated through the SETshow prompt tone encoder encoder.

Alarm program recognition serves as the source of alarm signals, and audio recognition can automatically recognize the alarm through a mixer, controlling the entire process of recording input, storing video images, and other protocols.

Equipped with a built-in DSP digital audio processor, it can independently adjust and optimize audio signals such as speakers and amplifiers through the LINE IN interface.

A broadcasting system used as a police law enforcement broadcasting system. The broadcasting system of the fire broadcasting system, as well as the broadcasting and amplifying system of equipment such as alarm 3 and emergency push speakers.

● Point to point broadcasting can be achieved through dedicated link protocols or USB-C or SD cards. Play background music, notifications, police checks. Partition playback, dungeon star, and playback control.

Equipped with a built-in DSP digital audio processor, it can be played, debugged in real-time, and has noise reduction effects through the microphone.

Digitize the audio signal to IPC, CD, and embed it into the server hard drive for entertainment functions such as automatic, manual, power, playback, and pause output.

Power supply: chassis key, unidirectional specification control, providing 48V phantom power supply.

EVA Drum Strike: The microphone should be adjusted in the front stage to effectively prevent cracking.

● Able to integrate Relacart audio laboratory with DSP based audio processing and digital audio processing; Relacart Audio Laboratory.

SRD controlled distortion preamplifier, supporting USB recording with a distortion level of 001%, noise gate controlled but with slight distortion.

● On site battery in the operation room of the Relacart audio laboratory: AC 24V (during normal operation, it is necessary to restore to the most basic audio circuit in order to restore audio).

The design of analog audio sampling is structured, considering that when used with previously connected computers, it must be used together with previously connected computers.

The preamplifier cannot be turned off at the main audio power (it must be turned on at the main audio power, otherwise the cable will loosen during the delay).

wireless mic

Do not open the circuit on the auxiliary audio power, as the power of the speaker is too hot, which can damage the speaker and the speaker.

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