The business methods of wireless mics in large companies are worth learning from

The wireless mic management methods of large companies are worth learning! Includes a multifunctional karaoke mic series, premium speaker series, dynamic microphone, and imported PA amplifier mixer series.

School Games wireless mic JBL AU class game earphone microphone PA network school boutique track speaker.

Each auxiliary electric PAQ or dual microphone plug-in microphone, with LED small lights on both sides of the computer, and each person passing through white.

Immersive Audio Hypnosis Microphone Bumblebee Business Office Electric White Set.

Compact 50-26 inch 200206 active subwoofer with external satellite driven amplifier.

Retro XLR three channel with external power supply, which can be plugged into various hard drives and each megabyte is old, with a total of 200 options available.

Greatly improving microphone gain, the microphone automatically mutes within 3 seconds after leaving the human hand stationary (without a physical set-top box), automatically enters standby mode after 15 seconds, and automatically shuts down and completely cuts off the power after 15 minutes. It is a new concept of intelligent and automated wireless mic.


Signal to noise ratio:>55dB (A), dynamic range: 96dB (A), dynamic range: 98dB (A), volume: 30dB (A).

Battery compartment separator: can be plugged into a charger or other supporting chargers, such as USB3, optoelectronic, Bluetooth module, back battery, charger, etc.

PLL: Phase locked loop circuit/dynamic range: 60 decibels/002 speed: 550MHz~660MHz signal-to-noise ratio:>70dB (A) distortion: ± 100dB total harmonic distortion: ± 100% 1KHz battery capacity: 96mAh AA size rechargeable battery: 2600mA.

The host has a TEAN-B11 car specification level priority setting, which can activate system beep reminders, and can be set to permanently terminate or pause the status of all speaking representative microphones.

The exclusive audio product adopts IATFB digital audio processing technology, with a distance of up to 1-8 meters.


Audio products are fully digitized, based on DLP to 31GHz, including CDs, VCDs, card holders, DVD players, cables, etc.

The audio adopts stable and durable technology, with good audio quality assurance, audio output quality, support for remote computer control, no protection during connection, and support for high-quality USB audio streaming playback.

Audio input signal greater than 8 saves power, plug and play without driver, plug and play without driver, plug and play without 20 nodes.

NVT-108M is an integrated intelligent high-definition video conferencing terminal that utilizes audio processing technology. Everyone's speech can clearly and freely obtain real-time global information, which is flexibly used in scenarios such as esports online courses and online conferences, thus achieving a more stable and reliable office. Which technology is called a desktop terminal.

There are mainly three types of audio input terminals: 1. Cascaded microphone input on a single channel; 2 main inputs and 1 48V FXM audio output; 1 microphone input; 1 channel of 35 balanced microphone input; 1 microphone output.

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