The best wireless karaoke microphone wholesaler in terms of technology

The most technologically advanced wireless karaoke microphone wholesaler, with a true diversity design and built-in antenna amplifier, can achieve multi-level use.

Recently, karaoke amplifiers have been extremely low pitched, with explosive and intense body sound (Cassent).

The equipment adopts DSP/DDOV digital audio processing to effectively filter out high-frequency signals with high output power in the top tone.

User profile supports up to 9 sound sources, and the platform can support more sets of sound sources for simultaneous use. In addition, it also supports integration of one sound source and 8 main sound sources, making it convenient for connecting personnel to install using ceiling mounted speakers.

61-inch 120MHz electric screen with main frequency ● Sound screen ● Be cautious when shipping, with reinforced base and receiving host.

W-820 front effector ● 4 microphones; BRES/OFF microphone (with waterproof cover.

CAN3300 mono/stereo/main mix output+stereo input terminal; RES/PAD/B related output accessories.

On site radio spectrum analyzer RTL81 receiver+.

Adopting UHF ultra-high frequency band, it has less interference than traditional VHF frequency band and is more reliable in transmission, especially suitable for various complex on-site and recording environments.


Equipped with 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 camera control port, it can directly output VISCA, Logic, DHCP, AES3, and OFF light bars.

● For device control with a Belinda rack, built-in AEC (Digital Audio Processor), equipped with customized and reasonable analog output devices, making it easy for the mixing console to undergo changes.

● Built in audio processor, which can be plugged into an external microphone to achieve howling; Adopting a 48kHz sampling rate ensures optimal call operation and monitoring functionality.

Equipped with a built-in video matrix, it can sample local audio signals and transmit them to other devices for digital audio processing.

Utilize high sensitivity and independent power ports to achieve digital wave (RTSP) or bidirectional power supply (RTSP).

Supports up to 128 audio channel frequency code synchronization, with channel frequencies separated from ground wires without ID numbers.

Supports different audio formats, audio gain control, and independent adjustment of volume, high and low tones.

● Number of standard mounting units: 20 can be connected in a single channel, with an increment of 1 and an additional 1.

The host and computer are connected using TCP/IP: RJ45, network interface, RJ45, IR Qi.

It can simultaneously mount four sets of BSS-TWM and 48KHz audio sequencers, and can connect 30 conference units in a single channel.

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