The best technology wireless mic manufacturer

The most technologically advanced wireless mic manufacturer, Y multiplayer Kay microphone UR-272ES.

A wireless mic solution with excellent performance and stability, this series of products has been highly praised by users for their excellent performance.

The Harman Carton CT18S has been released and can be used using the latest system below.

By adopting the latest multimedia teaching system (Linux system) technology, various electronic devices can be directly configured and configured. The ideal microphone size and position can be used in conjunction with various multimedia sound reinforcement systems.

● The installation services of official original distributors or terminal devices, as well as other audio and video accessories and contact information provided to customers, can accept external contact persons to transport, configure, record, and obtain widely influential external information,

wireless mic

Harman Carton CT18S has also created a pair of stable multimedia audio systems for employees, which can be used together with cats or computers in Siri through headphones, making it convenient for work and learning.

Employees can receive top-notch sound effects and easy-to-use settings, providing users with an ordinary and relaxed experience.

The Harman Carton CT18S also supports Mellon protection, allowing employees to control their volume through the speaker when there is a manager, which avoids removing the microphone and plugging it into computer devices.

When customers need to start a conference with a microphone, the microphone and microphone should be of the lever type, which can save costs and a lot of development investment.

Customers use an external computer host or an internal computer host to control the volume of the meeting, which can prevent external audio in private meeting rooms and control the volume of the entire meeting venue.

Customers can use existing acoustic algorithms to suppress the output of wireless mics, achieving a better auditory experience.

The rounded HT-626 has a larger display screen, which displays clear content and can display corresponding operations, meeting the needs of different meeting occasions.

Rounded USB office MC-231 high-end display screen 176x14160.

● After sales service store connection ● 35660 streaming platform interface ● How many precautions can be identified for daily meetings ● Built in speakers, microphones, Bluetooth, Wi Fi modules, screw adapters, waterproof design, use of audio brackets, background music and other products; The 8-core interface unit adopts a T-shaped 8-core connection, and the wire is shielded with full line aluminum foil and water wire, greatly reducing the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire.

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