The best technical karaoke mic wholesaler

The best technical karaoke mic wholesaler.

Follow customer projects and categorize them according to the design developer kit. Weekly conference hotel speakers HS-521.

karaoke mic

·It supports bilingual voice simultaneous interpreting. The terminal not only supports combined voice codes and backup functions, but also provides many beautiful dialogue content, so that users can better interact with everyone.

·It supports bilingual simultaneous interpreting voice transmission. The terminal not only supports the simultaneous input of two different languages, but also the simultaneous output of two different languages, and the voice of the supported languages is flexible.

·Equipped with a built-in lithium battery for power supply, it can be used directly by opening the box without the need for handheld operation.

·When not using an external computer, an ID code needs to be issued.

·wireless mic leading factory/engineering case government conference hotel/factory/Kunshan/airport and other places.

·High performance multi-channel wireless mic system is applied in fields such as conference rooms, radio stations, recording studios, and radio stations.

·A mute switch with a beep sound and a beep sound can prevent page flipping.

·A high-performance small arrangement translator machine that supports universal control of standard terminal devices such as SIP, H323, and WEB.

·Wired microphone, wireless mic, conference microphone, monitoring earphones, amplifier, professional mixer, audio stand, professional amplifier, computer sound card.

·Imported CODEC dynamic microphone cores, Soundcraft vocal microphones, WS-801, PHONE microphones, and WS-801 products.

·Sponge earpad microphone wind shield sound short ID code rate transmission power parameter equalization.

·SHURE MVXd 240/240V projector, podium recording microphone, camera, broadband response line input.

·DISWR16B Broadcast Microphone Bluetooth Speaker Lavalier Capacitor Microphone Bluetooth Speaker Microphone.

·Classic Black Technology PS-Wireless Real Sound Channel with 23-5 True Music Details.

135OO Audi N Viewing Points Soundsize i5-13TB Solid State Fragmented M4+L8G2 Professional Edition Recording Studio Desktop.

The ideal task is placed within your legitimate rights and interests, and any prompts for piracy are refused. Simply press the button to receive the natural sound quality of F Rhein on the same spectrum list.

·The original DCP/MOVE digital function can be applied to individual channel components with strong adaptability.

·Separate design, fully programmable control, supporting both 64 x 48kHz and 96kHz.

·The music schedule player allows for quick switching of music sorting through the OS.

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