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The supplier of karaoke mics with the best technology.

Adopting new digital pilot technology, automatic tracking and shooting are achieved through modulation and transmission of each frequency.

Adopting a new sensing function, the microphone automatically mutes within 3 seconds after leaving the human hand stationary (can be placed in any direction or angle), automatically saves energy and enters standby mode after 5 minutes, and automatically shuts down and completely cuts off the power after 15 minutes. It is a new concept of intelligent and automated wireless mic.

Intelligent tracking, with multiple sets of frequencies moving simultaneously, meets the needs of live streaming for multiple periods of time, such as hand in hand, imaging, T-shaped brackets, etc.

Using a 1/28 inch IPS (TFT) distortionless lens and equipped with a digital wide dynamic image sensor, it can achieve clearer images;

wireless mic

Built in energy-saving automatic focusing algorithm based on Honor brand, combined with metal silent fan, completely eliminates mechanical noise, ensuring clear and clean sound quality in the live broadcast room;

● Support CAT6 network cable links, as well as internet connectivity, network track amplification, and full line PS recording of water flow 5;

HDMI interface, RJ45 interface, simple wiring; The microphone is automatically picked up without affecting the sound quality;

● Built in bimetallic all-in-one machine, which can directly connect to sound columns, amplifiers, sound columns, stone speakers, microphones, high-power speakers, etc;

● On site meeting module, frequency response 20-200, broadband audio interface, (automatic shielding)/microphone automatic mixing, no need for other wires;

Multi functional working principle, automatic microphone detection function, can automatically change the emission noise, improve reception stability, and the distance between the microphone pole and the base is 10-100 meters;

● Automatic shutdown function, the microphone that is turned on will automatically turn off in 45 seconds when it is not picked up (when the sound within the pickup range is below 50dB);

Supporting 50 meter long distance pickup for optimal sound reception and amplification effects, and supporting both amplification and adjustment;

● Support remote control sound settings, microphone volume adjustment control, and the ability to switch output signals to speakers in different areas. The volume adjustment (when a built-in microphone is installed) varies;

● Built in MP3 player, supporting eight types of audio mixing encoding for this function. Different frequencies can be set according to the microphone, and supports customized allocation of 32 languages;

wireless mic

The combination of wired and wireless mic units enables multiple connection methods;

Multiple chairman units can be remotely operated, and a single host can connect up to 90 chairman units. By expanding the host, the extended host can connect 88 chairman units. By expanding the host, an audio USB drive system can be implemented;

Adopting high-performance high-speed DSP processor chips with up to 160 units, capable of sampling frequencies up to 20Hz~20KHz;

Equipped with an indirect antenna, the antenna base is used for transmitting antennas, facilitating R wireless mics, increasing reception distance and ensuring distance;

High efficiency and low power consumption batteries can be used continuously for 10 hours (high power)/15 hours (low power).

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