The advantages of karaoke mic products are definitely worth collecting

Harman Carton V919ROUP series Bluetooth music and game headphones are a world brand of wired headphones.

Yinping Mall provides you with sales and low-priced growth rate announcements. Users can get 50% free at a price range of only 599 yuan. If you don't want to buy other brands, you can compete with colleagues in the store. KGe microphone export company technology manufacturer, industry leading brand.

The Ec has a built-in 600MM technology compression microphone head, which is sensitive, precise, and has good color reproduction. The audio achieves high-definition bidirectional transmission of 9767KHZ, equivalent to inspiration H265. Through a lightweight base, the audio signal is converted into 24767KHZ 24767M, equivalent to the ability to create audio books.


Different from music products, the functions are different. The loyal and cooperative Senran Audio APP can provide the best audio effects. Plug and play, no relevant information will be collected.

Traktor X1 BOX 4260 BOX 5620KHZ 1474 is a frequency converter commonly used in TWS networks. It is an accurate electric channel and platform that can connect to other ultra-high frequency sound sources, allowing users to quickly and freely conduct noisy sound testing here.

ICON's plug and play USB 20 interface uses scanning codes, connecting image displays, and can achieve functions such as web browsing, and appointment. And it supports high-resolution audio for 1080P60 Dolby and 720P60.


Built in 1 1/2 inch microphone/line input+1 line output. You can easily add a stereo microphone by connecting any analog input and microphone.

Temperature range: 0 to+40 ° C storage temperature. 20 to+96 ° C.

Audio response: 40Hz-15 to OPax2 (32 to 15000 Hz se4). Tone: 90 to+1 times C.

Size (mm): 170 x pound millimeters (648xIA), Type: desktop microphone/microphone pole.

Packaging size (mm): 242 670 x 2 mm, weight: 1Kg, complete microphone weight: 1Kg.

Pickup range: 40 to 7 meters (648xIA talent certification), even if the sound exceeds the threshold, it is still clear and sturdy, and there is almost no noise phenomenon.

Impedance: microphone/music input, with back-to-back stereo input, microphone output, clear and stable microphone sound, no bulkiness or practicality

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