Take you to learn about wireless karaoke microphone manufacturers

Take you to learn about wireless karaoke microphone manufacturers.

Capacitor Conference Microphone Adapter Hand in Hand Conference System Desktop Gooseneck Microphone Professional Conference Microphone 711.

◆ Built in professional anti howling DSP sound feedback suppressor, while reducing howling;

◆ It can independently control 8 microphone inputs, making the conference process smoother and more flexible;

◆ Built in rechargeable lithium battery, with up to 1 hour of standby time and approximately 1 hour of standby time;

Equipped with a high sensitivity microphone, achieving clear voice transmission and making the sound loud;

◆ LCD display screen, displaying microphone ID number, setting speaker mute status;

◆ Can adapt to 8 audio settings set by the host and control host for preview and setting;

Capable of adapting to facilities such as PCB boards, buttons, display bars, network ports, etc., to achieve settings;

◆ Audio processor function: built-in DSP digital processor, supporting total volume adjustment, high and low tone adjustment, SLlark, Zoom, filtering, etc;

◆ Features such as powerful functions, clear interface, good compatibility, and low power consumption;

Various maintenance interfaces, embedded web server, high-performance ABS~550, can achieve functions such as web management and firewall traversal;

◆ Built in large capacity and durable lithium-ion batteries, making automated production more convenient and efficient;

Upgrade single-layer maintenance to zero, system configuration to zero, reduce maintenance costs, and protect the mold from dust, water mist, etc;

◆ With reusable professional functions, adding remote control, public broadcasting, and video tracking functions, it is a network stand for professional live streaming.

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◆ Support DHCP, compatible with any network structure such as routers, switches, bridge gateways, modems, Intelnet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc.

◆ Built in microphone dual external function, with real-time antenna distribution in working status. (Optional.).

◆ The built-in MP3 player can be turned on simultaneously, with an optional wireless mic. It is the first time to connect to the video conference system, and the radio function is set to automatically play again.

◆ Audio and video systems, multimedia communication systems, wireless applications, and local access to equipment such as conferences, education systems, and university lecturers in classrooms

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