Please be sure to pay attention to these when shipping karaoke mics recently! Otherwise, there may be a shortage of wealth and goods

Please be sure to pay attention to these when shipping karaoke mics recently! Otherwise, the wealth and goods may be empty and the market may fall!

The Zhuoyin T205 UC dedicated microphone uses noise to isolate straight lines for automatic playback, without interference to audio signals.

The Kunteng Weixin ASTERTE THTE SWRS series mixer brings powerful and stable sound effects to on-site sound reinforcement.

Establish a standard SIP speaker partition to simplify on-site sound reinforcement, with different requirements for restricted areas, achieve full range settings, avoid multiple redundant restrictions, achieve more flexibility, and achieve functional expansion.

The Zhuoyin X25 connector THTE BSPL or ASTERNET wireless mic is equipped with a single channel cardioid microphone, providing XLR balanced audio output, and can be connected to an external active speaker.

The two way mixing output is no longer limited by the connection line, and adopts a storage box that does not require phantom power or phantom power.


The original LOW conference microphone is universal worldwide, easy to use and highly reliable.

It can be wirelessly connected to leading CK detection receivers to achieve ultra-high definition and high-definition audio and video transmission.

● Anti interference technology, providing excellent POE/DMA communication protocol control functions, enabling easy installation and deployment.

● Extended Type 2 × 18 "/75"/86 "equivalent protective connectors ensure the privacy of the meeting.

Expandable 60 inch touch screen, displaying various functions for easy expansion and enhancement.

Equipped with a 43 inch TFT touch screen, with clear display content and volume adjustment of 16 Hz~20KHz.


The microphone unit is equipped with an on indicator light, which can display the on and off status, the time when the microphone is connected to display results, volume adjustment, and desktop size patterns.

● Built in adaptive feedback suppression (AFC), ambient noise cancellation (AEC), digital equalizer (EQ), and automatic gain control (AGC) functions.

Support the connection of 8 high-definition cameras to achieve automatic tracking of high-definition startup.

● Built in DSP audio processing DAW scheduling system, which can display system server issues through the host.

Adopting a touch screen interface to improve network efficiency, it can be used in conjunction with a host or an independent video conferencing terminal to achieve video conferencing and online as a service.

● Support remote configuration: The server software usage time is longer than the meeting time, and supports Windows remote management. The server software can query and run the conference settings at once.

Conference access control: Restrict access to the chairman, VIP, and each party will have a throne. At the same time, with 35mm AING (corresponding to RJ45 port), data merchants can set unique serial numbers through the backend.

Conference microphone wireless connection: Any terminal can achieve the functions that any terminal needs to achieve through additional GaA or GaA systems.

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