Please be careful when exporting Bluetooth karaoke mics! The following product names are currently under strict investigation

Please be careful when exporting Bluetooth karaoke mics! The appearance of the Bluetooth karaoke mic under strict investigation for the following product names may be considered a crazy precursor by some people. However, in my opinion, this is not the main reason, it is only a problem after wearing and restoring. If it is not for this issue, it would be good to be able to authenticate, and it may also be because the user has the following answer. So, opening the pressure section now may be easier.

The car battery audio system will rely on the future, and there will be several acoustic designs and enhanced acoustic designs in the rear seat of the car, so as not to create another key project on the rear seat. Similarly, there will also be better planning work for some acoustic designs.

The elegant conical structure of automotive composite carbon silicon copper kernels conforms to ergonomic design, with wide frequency band and wide angle, non-linear self-developed low-frequency full frequency measurement before and after, for semiconductor feedback, which is the powerful driving force of the next generation.

Adopting Ultra Duok technology, it can output rounded angles to reduce errors and transient noise ratio, and reduce self-excited noise ratio.

Adopting static microphone and high-frequency response technology of the model, creating the most comfortable 3D stereo system.

It can be measured and used for various types, with a maximum of 8-20 units per system and 1-3 units per host.


A series of 3D/ENC measurement schemes, including AEC and representative measurements, can be provided for APO-6090.

It has multiple microphone interfaces that can be used to connect power and sensor measurements, and this solution can be combined with an oscillator to achieve power supply coordination.

High precision metal material measurement microphone and advanced digital microphone measurement (ADC).

The original DCP/MOVE digital processing and transmission technology, combined with beamforming and attenuation power supply design, has become a mainstream data acquisition solution certification platform for connecting front and rear beamforming.

※ Built in adaptive feedback suppression (AFC), ambient noise cancellation (AEC), digital audio processing (REHS), automatic gain control (AGC), automatic level control (ALC), digital audio processing (REHS), and automatic level control (AGC) functions.


※ Support automatic machine function, the microphone that is turned on will automatically turn off in 45 seconds when it is not picked up (when the sound within the pickup range is below 50dB).

Comply with the international conference equipment electrical certification standard (IEC 60914) and international safety regulations UL or CE certification

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