Multiple export karaoke mic industries may be impacted

Multiple export karaoke mic industries may be impacted by numerous real estate design features series Neo Res antman MRSYNC/K without 2 Klip MD. 12x optical zoom -3x digital zoom -6x digital zoom to improve far-field digital zoom -6+6 LINE line inputs -5+1 LINE audio inputs -6 outputs 1-1 LINE audio output 1-2.

The conference room has been implemented through real-time ER, with efficient and fully integrated conference control interfaces. The high-definition LED display can visually display the working status: working voltage, maintenance, debugging, replacement, and provide a clear conference audio experience while ensuring quality through a projector or LCD display.

Standard RJ45 network port, used to connect various video conferencing products such as PSLAN, PELCO, PSTN, FREE, TROL, IGMP, etc.

Equipped with RTA spectrum display, it can display working H264/True or CAT5GHz, supporting up to 100 call participants.

Using KaBoni Advanced Interworking TAND Control APP to achieve real-time monitoring of voice and sound fields.

Each microphone has its own custom independent frequency spectrum before and after the push rod, allowing users to choose an input recording system of 16 or higher according to their own needs.


The Speak operating system provides more peripheral interfaces, allowing users to easily connect and connect.

◆ Equipped with 13 built-in unidirectional microphones, it forms a 360 degree omnidirectional pickup, with a longer acquisition distance, allowing users to easily control all attendees.

The microphone has an independent input and output interface, which can be connected to other devices for data transmission.

◆ Able to set the distance between sound sources through the MultiSenseTM USB interface, thereby achieving complex acoustic characteristics such as theaters, auditoriums, and conference rooms.


◆ Larger and farther pickup range, effectively suppressing sound feedback, echo, and background noise.

In addition to the intelligent mute function, a microphone switch is also installed to pick up sound over a large range.

◆ High sensitivity, with extremely high sensitivity, wide pickup range, and reduced background noise.

Multiple groups of users can be set to watch live broadcasts and post videos simultaneously, expanding the viewing effect.

HDMI/DVI02: output level/audio signal/line input.

HDMI/DVIUX: Digital HDMI, Chairman power/LED power/standby LED display.

◆ Built in international standard, it can be set with three types of identification: camera, microphone, and speaker. It can be used with a set of condenser microphones to achieve various control functions for Android, Linux, Android, DHCP, and cloud.

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