How much do you know about the wireless mic industry

How many channels do you know about the wireless mic industry?

With the continuous development of network transmission, the application of remote video conferencing is becoming increasingly widespread. When conducting remote meetings, remote meetings simply cannot keep up with the requests to allocate meetings, so that there can be more demand for remote meeting rooms and the internet.

The composition of a video conferencing system is not only a specific requirement different from traditional video conferencing, but also a good solution. Users need to integrate video conferencing servers and servers to ensure a more flexible conference experience for customers.

Audio compression and feedback suppression are the basic tasks and common functions of this scheme. Audio compression and feedback suppression are the best matching jobs.

Audio is mostly enhanced, but it also needs to be installed and connected correctly in order to achieve the synthesis of sound source and sound source. This solution mainly converts the simulation based on conference audio information into a separate audio signal routing data stream, usually sent from the external environment.

Matching Meeting Room: Using an audio router, typically a set of large-scale microphones with linear microphone signals, arranging and playing audio protocols and digital signal transmission for audio.

Quantity limit: Due to the large number of equipment components in the conference room, the sound can be relatively cloudy, prone to reverberation, and even insufficient reverberation. This solution is designed for the conference room audio system, using embedded computer technology, with a power of generally 100W. In fact, with a voltage below 1W, the audio effect in the conference room is relatively good. In addition to meeting audio, power amplifiers, speakers, chargers, and other supporting equipment, a set of products can achieve multiple installation and debugging. Even if the environment is not mastered in wiring work, it can achieve the most professional level effect for customers.

Strong anti-interference ability: 57 decibel units, high-frequency unit usage distance: 12m~15m. KS-219 can achieve 360 ° omnidirectional pickup, and can also be automatically accessed through network protocol automatic mode; The KS-801B KS-116B product adopts the MP3 version, which can be played wirelessly upon startup without the need for additional wiring. The KS-801B product can be charged without a rack and can be used at any time. The KS-801B product can be charged without a rack and can be used at any time. The KS-801B product can be charged without a rack and can be used at any time. The KS-801B product can be charged without a rack, can have a KTV compartment without professional knowledge, and likes subwoofers. The KS-801B has rack charging function or can be charged without a rack. If a fixed antenna base is required, the KS-801B sound has independent volume control and potentiometer volume control. Icon Electronics can. Relying on functions such as performances, tutorials, recording, and near-field noise reduction.

wireless mic

Technology has changed life, and some people predict that there is no first-class karaoke PK in the world, which is adjusted on-site based on the needs of the original singer. This group is equipped with singing techniques that are different from those of humans, such as opening, news, applications, and song issues. Through software, singing can be better and can be remotely adjusted and adjusted.

Similar to the effect of psychological deployment, some people think singing is easier to understand, while others say it very well. The level of melody is full of vitality, based on Harman's exclusive music industry standards.

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