How much do you know about the wireless karaoke microphone industry

How much do you know about the wireless karaoke microphone industry?

Song machine integrated machine Song machine touch screen karaoke speaker projector screen power amplifier front microphone.

A complete home KTV system consists of three systems: song ordering system, audio system, and video system.

The song ordering system includes a song ordering machine host and a touch screen for the song ordering machine. Currently, the Xihafeng song ordering machine adopts a three-in-one design, which is convenient and practical.

A song ordering machine provides karaoke songs and a visual user interface. The touch screen facilitates users to perform functions such as song ordering, song cutting, and pause. Simply put, it is equivalent to a computer monitor, and the host is equivalent to a computer host. The number of songs stored is mainly determined by the capacity of the hard drive. Generally, a regular song ordering machine can only store up to one hard drive, with a larger capacity of 4000GB, which can store about 80000 songs. But now a Xiha Fengsong machine is selling very well, with equal capacity versions available. It also supports customized 6000G and 8000G versions. In addition to the songs that can be stored on the local hard drive, connecting to the network can also download and play over 300000 karaoke songs from Xiha Fengyun servers. This current can create a consistent version of music and food best-selling rankings.

Support various audio sounds such as song MV7, YY presentation version, instructor tutorial, wisdom tutorial, pepper tutorial, Zhiwu, Honghe Tuodeu Third Generation, and the former, and record multiple growth tasks.

The digital audio processor we currently use is a high-performance multi-channel DSP processor, which combines a unified digital audio processor with multi-channel DSP processors, and also provides users with a solution for acoustic feedback.

Main products: jbl audio, YAMAHA audio, Philips conference camera, Roland video switching station, Sony camera, iron triangle microphone, iron triangle microphone.

Iron Triangle Microphone AT9934USB microphone with headphone interface directly connected to computer for recording in black.

karaoke microphone

JBL KX180 Karaoke pre effector KTV anti howling karaoke digital audio processor.

Jbl audio Harman multimedia wireless Bluetooth audio 4-inch high-quality computer desktop active speaker.

Voice Rackmount Digital Mixer WIFI iPad Remote Control Stage Conference Home 16 Channel Cabinet Type Mixer Manufacturer 16 Channel Digital

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