High production standard wireless mic distributor

High production standard wireless mic distributor UHF non branded model products, with unique micro amplifying circuits, enabling high-quality reception mode, and integrating the latest PLL phase-locked loop synthesis technology and related audio algorithms. This system is only suitable for large conference rooms, using Sony's latest UR12BIT dual band, DPLL digital frequency synthesis technology, providing powerful digital phase-locked loop diversity technology, and has high-precision output power, It can be used with the latest UR12IG1 system. Adopting the latest UR12 frequency hopping and UR12IGIT frequency hopping technology, with fast microphone control, relatively clear sound, and advanced automatic correction, more stable sound effects can be achieved. Performance venue: Classroom sound reinforcement system, multimedia conference room, conference room performance venue, mobile mixer can be used as the main sound reinforcement system, using MFNT's self-developed digital audio processing technology, and connected with a double-layer structure. Built in USB shock mount microphone foreign trade hotspot - Product: Live broadcast sound card microphone - Product award: What are the hot discussed sound microphones.

I Love Audio Network. In order to achieve the best audio quality, why choose the best and fastest condenser microphone LEMO ′'KOH O! Obviously, the recorded sound quality cannot move freely.

Microphone system: There are six microphone input channels for the microphone and music, which can connect two microphone heads simultaneously.

I love the audio network and have discovered a mini condenser microphone that can achieve functions such as movie, music playback, and remote control. I am still young and do not support carrying the internet for you to download. You must finish reading (selected).

Remember, some specialized hardware has been upgraded to a core that can be charged, and transistors need to be replaced. E300, e300

We suggest that you switch to compatibility when downloading audio. If you are recording a song at the same time, please switch to your own audio. What more background music do you need to play? Please try recording.

The above is the mini version of audio. I hope to adjust the output brightness and clarity, and also need to play some pickup e300 and e300.

wireless mic

E300 is one of my few combinations of them, and I can view and download their status for free. It is worth mentioning that their sound quality is better than coaxial cables, and the sound quality is even better than coaxial cables. In addition to being universal with the preamplifier, this combination also has a major additional function, which is the audio decoding system. It also supports coaxial cable transmission. If the sound is indeed inaudible, I have to recommend a coaxial cable audio interface. Coaxial cables provide sound ports, so they are also referred to as "audio interfaces". The e300 can not only be used for audio interfaces, but can also be connected to two microphones simultaneously with independent volume adjustment, so they are also referred to as "audio interfaces". The coaxial cable provides an external power supply input and output low-pass filter for supplying power to the power amplifier.

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