High production standard wireless karaoke microphone wholesaler

High production standard wireless karaoke microphone wholesaler, which is suitable for professional stage sound rooms, indoor performance rooms, sports venues, performance rooms and other active speakers. The price is subject to specific conditions.

wireless karaoke mic

Suitable for live sound reinforcement in homes, schools, airports, docks, government agencies, etc.

TX-2005 Dynamic Lavalier Microphone, suitable for stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic USB microphones.

Rode SM US Boch Pro projector with camera microphone for live white shooting,

Shu'er Yituo second-hand handheld wireless mic for performance/hosting/speech (standard configuration does not include cables).

Sennheiser Stage Machine Instrument SP-100 Professional Stage Sound Outdoor Speaker Outdoor Subwoofer.

Bluetooth desktop wireless mic with eight wireless mics for conference/speech/stage performances.

Yamaha M60 mixer USB sound card recording, arrangement, live streaming K song audio interface 4 in 4 out black mixer.

Desheng BM-630USB Conference Recording Microphone Professional Stage Wired Microphone Recording Live Training Teaching Sound Card.

Sennheiser Stage Wireless Professional Supercardioid Capacitor Microphone Wireless Handheld Microphone One to Two wireless mic.

Desheng MS-550 wireless mic 1 drag four wireless mic professional performance conference hosting microphone+products.

The Levitt CONNECT6 sound card is a dynamic and excellent vocal microphone from Schuler (standard configuration does not include cables).

Two year warranty for personal and superior recording workload, high signal-to-noise ratio professional monitoring earphones, professional studio level monitoring earphones.

Sennheiser Professional Recording Capacitor Microphone Studio/Award-winning Recording Product Host Live Broadcast K Song Microphone Microphone.

Yamaha UR22C Professional Recording External Sound Card Arranging and Mixing USB Audio Interface 2019 Upgrade.

SHURE Dynamic Excellent Vocal Microphone for Home Karaoke Stage Performance (standard configuration does not include cables).

SHURE SM58s dynamic excellent vocal microphone (standard configuration does not include wire).

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