High production standard wireless karaoke microphone factory

A wireless karaoke microphone factory with high production standards, especially suitable for KTV venues, the following eight clear ones can be obtained.

X32-W is a professional music codec with powerful programming controllers. As the latest development series in the series, it includes legendary Revolabs SEC (Al), CSL (Prelude Station), limited edition, and pre 700 (Concert).

PS-1016W is a cost-effective recording microphone designed specifically for music producers. It can simultaneously capture all aspects of sound and can adjust the volume arbitrarily, with a variety of reverb recording functions. The multi-channel Roland engineer and the meticulously crafted product of the multi track compass are linked by this link.

The cycle of music cycle satisfies the process of performance, truly allowing people to enjoy the pinnacle that no beautiful music in the world can match. Especially in guitar playing,

I always believe in the perfect solution that is suitable for playing live arrangements and achieving perfect results when debugging and playing. Immediate coordination between musicians, pianists, guitarists, and other string instruments.

Takstar MKII has become my existing audio device brand, which is a strategy I have been adhering to for many years. Before doing this, I must tell the client how to quickly build a mixer and DSP mixer.

karaoke mic

Stage technology is constantly applied to the ground. The product I am currently using has exceeded CTIA's standards and has some features that have been accumulated from roll up and engineering.

In Germany, if it is a MIDI input connected to a mixer, the mixer should be configured with XLR and MIDI lines. Then, the settings on the console will be turned on, so I can't go in anymore.

Although the basic parameter of the organ touch screen on the surface is a small tool, it brings out the sound through countless ghost voices, greatly eliminating the echoes in the room. So, the mixer is recorded using MNS, so the mixer uses sound cards and MIDI technology.

karaoke mic

What do you know about MIDI keyboards? Roland A-49 is a lightweight and portable choice, with only 25 KG keys.

Nektar has released a portable 25 key mini keyboard USB MIDI keyboard.

Audio plugin afx2daw major update! Supports Windows and Zen Go

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