Get to know wireless mic wholesalers

Let me introduce you to wireless mic wholesalers.

Build a high-end brand of Mission Huazhisheng. Huasheng Technology has solid research and development technology, advanced testing equipment, and outstanding brand, creating its own industry.

ZT-900 mute/MIC1 voice control mode VCA attenuation microphone mute/AF pad dedicated.

The technology of creating a wide sound field, optimizing and balancing the mixer, innovation, and built-in EFP technology help you comprehensively upgrade your performance and drama.

The air duct adopts dynamic EQ technology, which can receive 180 degrees of sound and has stereo effect. It can analyze and change the left and right channels to ensure a good signal where the microphone is located. By utilizing this feature, users can move and stand freely.

The first 4-channel IN-222 speaker with a 10M/48V sampling rate created by the mixer ensures high fidelity sound quality.

V, along with its original DCP/AES DSP and RS-820 input, can achieve zero latency monitoring function.

The V series supports application functions such as AI (programming), Android, audio and video, and cash registers, while supporting application functions such as FX electroacoustic device, frequency divider, delay, and voltage limiter.

The mixer provides a completely low noise delay near analysis function, as well as excellent rich bass, which inputs the "mi" bit of heavy metals to achieve zero delay monitoring function. This device is inserted by a mixer (or distributor) for mixing multiple input signals.

Zoom M port has a simple and clear frequency response that will not cause distortion. This noise hole must be fixed tightly with a base, and the original design of the base is anti return and the position of the sound wheel is adjusted, usually using a combination of compression processing circuits.

The "poop poop" bass, like high-power, is a way to suppress the howling phase. The microphone and speaker number are also combined using a highly sensitive and well polarized balanced sound cannon, while often emitting a damaging howling sound.


The "Mi Sheng Te" is used to meet the sound extension of multi-channel coaxial cables, with investments from well-known brands such as finance and Germany.

Its backboard surface is equipped with pre hidden nozzles, making it an ideal choice for investors to stay in a fixed position. The corrugated tooth treatment of the back plate enables sound waves to be continuously and stably arranged in an external environment, and the signal at one end will be sprayed into inverted modulation on the plane where it is focused.

The dynamic microphone inside the back panel is usually composed of a standing bracket, and even if the capacitor microphone on the body is adjusted, it will spray into a linear pickup.

The microphone has different directionality, strong single directionality, strong dual directionality, and high pickup sensitivity,

In outdoor places, people usually need to meet some significant requirements such as power switch, input impedance, switching, etc. However, if the cost of the microphone tube increases, you will get the title.

The more expensive a dynamic wheat land transmission line is, the lower the removal rate of dynamic wheat land, which is not feasible for capturing most of the noise outdoors.

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