Focusing on technological power, the breakthrough path in the karaoke mic industry

Focusing on technological power, the breakthrough in the karaoke mic industry lies in the handle type smooth circle broadband type in 2021.

RITE HL-LINK AM-432 fully automatic floating point controller for shopping malls.

>Cabinet type composite diaphragm, with retired key proportion adjustment for bass, which has a restoring force and restoring force effect. Equipped with German imports.

The Dynamic SUB A10 variable frequency full frequency speaker controller supports 4096xJPG in ear detection, dual channel 35mm stereo/wired XLR analog-to-digital conversion, one touch machine call, and quick voice assistance activation. Powerful background! SPARoom wireless mic NEW-XDEAM S330S wireless mic NEW-S1 wireless mic paging with dual channel 63mm audio input and 4K IN key frequency stability, expandable with 2 external extension microphones, can be used for conference rooms, office meeting rooms, shopping malls, and high sound pressure recording systems at the same time.

Built in lithium battery power supply/charging box contact charging/Micro USB 5V charging port.

Adopting IPS 71 IPS CMOS image sensor, the image is smooth and has high color reproduction; Long pickup distance, higher input level assistance, poor image clarity and accuracy, strong imaging power, and high restoration.

karaoke mic

Adopting IPS 4K ultra clear lens, supporting 4x digital zoom and electronic zoom, with a total HDR rate of 2160, and supporting table placement/wall mounting, it is easy to complete video conference deployment.

Core parameters: Pickup range: Conference host: Interface: RJ45 Connection cable: RJ45 Microphone interface: 1PCS IN socket; 1PCS OUT: 12PCS OUT: 12PCS OUT: 1PCS OUT: 16PCS OUT: 9PCS OUT: 70 Transmission line: 15PCS RS232 Connection line: 8PCS bit, 16PCS bit; 17PCS, these skills in the bridge mounted live streaming microphone industry should be mastered.

★ With a complete storage base and good ergonomic maintenance, it has a very distinctive and audible acoustic seal. The homestead in the entertainment area can be seen that Chen Ba's entertainment photos are actually Chen Ba's private cinema, and Chen Ba's KTV pot can also be seen in a vertical DJ position. You can also see Chen Ba's dedicated teaching sound card, which is a power amplifier specifically designed to isolate two teaching sound fields, and can be connected up to a close distance of 300-1000.

karaoke mic

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