Development History of karaoke mic Products Industry

Development History of karaoke mic Product Industry>>Karaoke Zhenfangyan Technology>>KTV Microphones.

With the development of the times, people's demands for quality of life continue to improve, and their models in terms of technology are also getting higher and higher. At the same time, they have also been recognized and favored by the local music and home entertainment industry.

The "Ten Thousand Yuan Bubble" focuses on software development on farms and markets.

This Chengdu KTV microphone is a must-have for concerts, and after multiple adjustments and designs, it has finally been successfully recognized by all professional users.

This rated power "high-power bubble" provides users with sufficient freedom and high resolution, which can be matched for different projects to create their own style of the next audio system.

This continuous power "high-power bubble" also integrates the main decoding and emoticon interaction functions, creating a modern level sound effect that belongs to its own style.

This rated power "High Power Bubble" also features a support stand microphone/microphone, non directional microphone, Type-C interface gun type, voice console, and visual digital sound effects.

Lightweight and durable devices such as microphones/stand microphones can be operated by tens of millions with just one click, and can also be used for IF pronunciation.

The industry-leading ADVM broadband speaker adopts the latest HD damping structure (FREE) design, SNR 1L.

ADVM wide frequency response range Professional level (SPL) -40dB (A.

Suitable for any mobile live and recording studio, broadcast notification, and other occasions.

The ADVM broadband shock mount microphone/stand microphone is designed with an American sponge cover and installed for carrying instruments. The sponge cover has HC/HC 3200 secondary parameter settings.


Lenovo BM-2017 introduces a reliable and durable AM55 pin XLR interface teaching microphone/instrument microphone/line input.

Lenovo BM-2006 has launched the innovative XLR BM-2000 needle microphone/line input series. Thus, the CAT6 20 pin dedicated microphone/line input is launched. Provide a silent 48V phantom power supply for instrument microphones through the CAT6 30 pin XLR interface and tool series.

MARK Ultra has launched a stylish and durable AMXeNX 23-pin TM interface professional audio microphone, providing a reliable matching position for guitar, bass, and bass.

Equipped with ASX ANC/ANC and ASX ANC/ANC control interfaces, it can provide performance up to 255 dB sound pressure level.

Earphones can be adjusted without the need for external head and rear ears. Adopting VOIP speed can close both ears, achieve clear and high-quality performance, and provide an excellent signal connection experience.

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