And there are also business opportunities for these karaoke mic products

There are also opportunities for these karaoke mic products to build 42843 facilities, allowing for product upgrades and equipment maintenance activities anytime and anywhere. We can create balanced audio polarity LE sound effects based on customer requirements such as size, weight, and interval time.

On site production audition LE vibration feedback test - The INNOUGEN sound card GA273413 microphone must match the adaptive LE vibration feedback test to obtain the best sound quality. The microphone of GA273413 must match DY characteristics: The microphone type is the adjustment of the microphone impedance ratio or speaker impedance curve, using frequency modulation or feedforward mechanism.

Main product: Professional audio amplifier, mixing console, HIFI speaker, conference room, lecture hall, audio lighting stage.

Main products: public address system, conference sound system, conference room system, multi-functional conference hall, sports stadium, electric classroom sound system, professional amplifier, DA hall sound system, home theater, stage sound system, intelligent public address, professional outdoor performance system, car series sound system, conference room sound system, large stage sound system, card box speaker, mixer, frequency shifter, mixer Effect mixer, mixer, outdoor sound effects, front mixer, outdoor sound effects, conference room sound, multifunctional conference hall sound system, bar channel sound, full frequency sound system, conference room sound system, intelligent security system, professional sound system, conference room sound, LED display screen, stage sound equipment, conference room sound, large screen display system, lecture hall sound, lighting sound system, conference room sound Remote video conferencing system, etc.

wireless mic, wireless mic, conference hall, multi-functional hall audio, banquet hall audio, conference room audio, computer, wireless mic, conference room audio, gymnasium audio, public broadcasting, instrument rental, professional power amplifier, DVD, VCD speaker, CD player, VCD speaker amplifier, mixer, peripheral equipment, speakers, other speaker equipment, PA, frequency amplifier, mixer, peripheral equipment, speaker amplifier, mixer Peripheral equipment The speakers are equipped with wireless mics, amplifiers, and projectors. Home theater speakers, home projectors, Bluetooth speakers, subwoofer projectors, 3D projectors, projectors, projector brackets, and speaker brackets.


·Supports Bluetooth and video synchronization recording, with built-in audio and microphone solutions. Support voice incentive solutions.

Product parameters: ● Rated power: 800W (4 Ω); Good touch and memory. Signal to noise ratio: 68dBu Line input: Stereo input.

·The front panel LCD displays information: selected room name: purchased room name: desired room type: photographed room name: desired room type.

Users with the right to choose should never download and operate illegal devices.

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