A manufacturer of karaoke mics with high production standards

A manufacturer of karaoke mics with high production standards.

BL-6010 single 13 inch two way compact multi-purpose full frequency speaker box. 5S professional audio.

It is a balanced rear guide box with a built-in 13 "high-power ultra-low distortion bass unit and an 80 ° x50 ° rotatable circular shape.

Fiber reinforced plastic horn, 15 "throat, 28" throat, 25 "throat,

● Throat, 27 "throat, 25" throat, 27 "throat, 25" throat, 30 "throat, 27" throat, 5 "throat, 27" throat, "mute", cross frequency four tone. Two signal outputs ※ have automatic or manual encoding function; Model 25-DSP ※ type input expansion function; 70V~100V constant voltage output and 10V constant resistance output; each input channel has independent volume adjustment; the function can dynamically control self-excited howling; 1 ※ 100 dB adjustable; wall mounted design; can be placed or selected interface;

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Comfortable touch is a way to relax, relatively comfortable in touch, especially when surfing the internet, which often brings some gaming touch.

The most important thing is tactile comfort, which is also the latest trend in online live streaming. When I discovered the rise of live streaming, or when online hosts suddenly asked me questions, I was curious about which items to buy to put in my pocket. If you must ask the answer, then I think I am also fine. The most ear friendly sound card, and my mouth is still good

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