5 tips to increase wireless karaoke microphone traffic

● Skills to increase wireless karaoke microphone traffic and reduce interaction among attendees.

Large conference room dual system with 10 self-developed U-segment wireless mics, suitable for more complex environments such as large venues, speeches, and concerts.

Featuring a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex A8i high-definition camera with a 120 ° ultra wide angle and exceptional lens capabilities, the conference room space is cleaner, and all devices are equipped with Ultra HD high-definition transmission technology, allowing for remote processing of large conference rooms.

Adopting advanced rebound suppression and dynamic noise cancellation technology in the industry, all audio distortion is less than 05%, which may be affected by hardware failures such as Qualcomm, BTF, Alice, etc. Pause meeting speeches or adjust discussion modes at any time to ensure sound quality during remote video conferences.

The six in and six out sound quality balanced design, 135mm stereo, has a strong sense of hierarchy in the music, and the high sound quality is rich and round, allowing the natural combination of human voice and exquisite auditory feast.

karaoke microphone

The powerful microphone automatically recognizes ambient sound, allowing for fast, accurate, and accurate problem-solving.

Suitable for 70 square meter conference rooms, meeting the needs of the venue. Various conference rooms require powerful audio equipment, which is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of environmental sound and sound effects.

The minimum order quantity for a microphone is optional streaming, usually 49 units. Each venue requires a different number of users, depending on the company.

Make the following preparations. In order to make the video conference system smoother, debugging is necessary. As arranged by the user, when the speech button is adjustable, the volume key of the capacitor microphone tends to be on and off, which can automatically adjust and switch the order. When there is a vote at the end of the meeting or before the end of the meeting, the microphone volume key will automatically turn off 30 times.

The ready-made account information is ready to use and is expected to be included in the desktop package of this service. The system is fully free to set up or approve this service, ensuring safety and reliability, eliminating simulated failures, and ensuring system security.

karaoke microphone

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