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Nowmic Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Nowmic”) is an innovative Internet science and technology company dedicated to developing and manufacturing intelligent karaoke hardware and software with the responsibility of improving the experience of singing intellectual technology for human beings and with the commitment to promoting the development of new entertainment with smart karaoke.

As a national hi-tech enterprise, Nowmic‘s research, production, and sales of “Intelligent Karaoke” hardware and software as a whole have its independent brand and sales channels and has created the “Cell Phone Karaoke Microphone”, “In-vehicle Karaoke Microphone”, “Audio Karaoke Microphone” and ” Live-streaming Karaoke Microphone” in succession.

Based in Shenzhen, we have filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and artists in our backyard, giving us front-row seats to unlimited, unleashed creativity. We feed off of that creativity and channel it into innovative product ideas that empower creators of all levels.

At the beginning of its birth, Nowmic has been devoted to the investigation of high-end audio science and technology, and after years of deep cultivation and development, Nowmic is deeply beloved by consumers for its outstanding sound effect experience and high-quality service system.


THE Nowmic Story

A name, a story
In 2012, mobile Karaoke software was launched. The mobile Karaoke era officially kicked off. That year, a 25-year-old young man who loved to sing stayed in Shenzhen and started to work alone. Karaoke on his cell phone and sharing his work became his biggest fun after work. The nickname “Nowmic” is his nickname in the Karaoke platform, which means singing like a bird singing a charming voice. With his dedication and love for singing, in just six months. He has gained the attention of nearly 100,000 fans.

Outside of the excitement, his pursuit of the singing effect was also getting higher and higher. And the Karaoke software at that time could not meet his ultimate pursuit. He realized that although mobile Karaoke entertainment had come into the life of the general public, the sound effect experience, and sound reproduction technology were still not satisfactory, so he contacted the platform. He contacted the platform, hoping to launch a supporting Karaoke hardware device to enhance the singing experience, but the platform thought the demand was too niche and there was no market for it and rejected it.

This incident planted the seed in his heart. If he loved singing, just do what he loved. Two months later, He set up a distinctive company with a group of singing professionals by resigning resolutely.

Their original intention was simple: to enhance the human singing science and technology experience.
Just like that, a simple company broke the silence of the industry.

Company Culture

To enhance the human experience of singing technology
To be the leader in the intelligent Karaoke industry and a world-class supplier of intelligent Karaoke software and hardware, serving the global market.
Customer-first. Product supreme. Efficient innovation. Open and Inclusive.
Business Philosophy Idea
Innovation, Progress, Credit, Craftsman Spirit

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